A Milton man was arrested following a break-in at a Pea Ridge home, according to Santa Rosa Sheriff's reports. He is accused of beating two people with a crowbar.

The arresting deputy says Jason Everett Carnley, 35, is the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims. Reports say after an evening of persistent phone calls the victim did not answer from Carnley, he broke into her house and attacked his ex-girlfriend and her new beau.

The incident occurred on Struth Lane Tuesday. Investigators say the house was in disarray, showing signs of a struggle. There was an exterior door that had damage, indicating forced entry.

According to reports, Carnley broke in and made his way to a bedroom where he attacked the couple in their bed. One of the victims told deputies she woke up to find Carley beating the person next to them with a crowbar. Carnley turned the attack to the other person in the room, who fled to a bathroom. The report says the crowbar-armed man forced his way through the door and began wielding. The victim told deputies, "He hit her hard enough to knock her down."

The victim slipped away from the bathroom assault and ran outside, with Carnley in pursuit. The victim ran into a third person from the home that had gone to neighbors for help. The report says the pair feared for their safety and hid between houses in the neighborhood until law enforcement arrived.

In the meantime, the new boyfriend told deputies he received several blows from Carnley, noting he can't recall how many because he got "a little blurry".  He escaped into the bathroom and blocked the door with another victim, he told deputies.

The victim gave statements to deputies saying he remembers Carnley saying "hurry up and die, (expectative.)"  One of the victims was sent to the hospital as a result of their injuries. The report notes he required medical treatment for his injuries of lacerations on his head with heavy bleeding.

Carnley was arrested for three felonies---aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill---and two misdemeanor counts of battery. He had an outstanding warrant in Escambia County for violation of state probation.

He is being held in Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond.