A red light violation camera was a factor in a single-vehicle crash Monday morning in Milton, according to witnesses of the accident.

A motorcycle driver lost control of his bike and crashed causing minor injuries to the rider, as it approached the red-light camera equipped intersection of Highway 90 and Glover Lane.

Olivier Biaggini, 49, Milton, was driving a mid-2000 yellow Victory motorcycle behind a gold Kia SUV, according to Milton Police. The vehicles were heading eastbound on Highway 90, approaching the traffic light at Glover Lane.

The driver of the gold SUV said he saw the light turn yellow and started slowing down, knowing the intersection was equipped with red-light violation cameras. He said he looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Biaggini losing control of his motorcycle.

The SUV driver said he made the decision to proceed through the light to avoid being hit by the motorcycle. His vehicle rolled about halfway through the intersection and then he pulled off onto the shoulder where he stopped. He said the driver of the motorcycle was moving and walking around after the accident.

Biaggini crashed without hitting any other vehicles. Milton Police on scene said he suffered roadrash to his arm as well as an open wound to the calf that would likely require stitches. Biaggini was transferred to the hospital via ambulance.

The Victory motorcycle suffered minimal damage to a foot peg and gear shifter, according to police. The damage was consistent with a low-speed crash.

The accident is under investigation, though Milton Police say the driver of the gold Kia will not be ticketed for driving through the red light considering the circumstances.