Speak Out


Thursday - 5:39 p.m.


Yes. This is Maria in Milton. I just want to let you know the Zimmerman trial is going too long for taxpayers. They should put the man in jail. He killed a young person for no reason, for the fun of it---he want to kill somebody. He found Trayvon Martin and follow him and kill him.

He kill a young person for no reason. He did it on his own. Then he suffer and he suffer and he did it on his own. And now the judges in the trial, they are insulting this young girl, she is the witness on the phone. They're saying you don't know how to read.

There's maybe a million people in America that don't know how to read. Especially the black because nobody give them a chance. Thank you.


Thursday - 7:19 p.m.


Yes, this is for Lynne who writes Woman on the Edge. I really enjoyed the article Embrace the mess, because I have a black hole in my trunk also. And I kind of felt a little bit better about it after I read this. I just wanted to thank you. It was a very enjoyable article. Thank you. My name is Sharon.


Friday - 2:23 p.m.


I was calling to ask a question. I was told it's not against the law to smoke those electronic cigarettes in a public store. Well, look, I can't smoke my regular cigarette in a public store. And I don't think it's fair to smoke those electronic cigarettes cause they do have a nasty smell as well. I would like someone to answer that question if it's not against the law to smoke an electronic in a public restaurant or store or something like that. Thank you so much. Sarah.


Friday --- 4:31 p.m.


Yes I say to everyone that read the Press Gazette. Please speak out for the young man that he's running. Please pray that he be alright. Everybody can make a mistake.

I think that it's what happened he made a mistake that was going on.

I think he run for his life and for his family. Please pray that he be okay and be safe. To talk to the president talk to the president and be safe.

It's not the same for the guy that killed for Trayvon Martin. He just want to kill and feel that feeling. Killing a young youth black. Let's go hang him. Bye.


Saturday --- 5:43 p.m.


I say that friends for Zimmerman need to resign forever. No more lawyer. No more legal firm for him. Whatever he did yesterday to the young black girl. It wasn't called for. That's not a professional lawyer. He need to retire. To resign. I hope Marco Rubio help a lot of people that he said. He need to help that girl and her family and put him out of business. He kill. He killed----


Saturday --- 6:05 p.m.


This is Ian. The Pond Creek Park on Highway 90. Boy, we just beautified the pretty grass. And all clean picnic tables, bathrooms and all that.

It's a shame nobody's using it. They went all out to fix up things real nice. I hope people start using it. Bye.


Saturday --- 7:57 p.m.


Hi, Jim here. I have two comments. The first one is---this is the second logging truck to flip over in a year's time, give or take a month. When, I ask, is the City, the county and let's not forget the state going to start monitoring Highway 90 for speeders. It will only be after a trucker loses his load and kills a bunch of innocent people.

Second, the proposed Riverwalk. The extension will be beautiful when it's done. It will be beautiful until the first hurricane. And has anyone ever noticed the signs that are now in place at the River walk that we have now.

Let's add no smoking to that sign. And why in the world can we not use the walkway for fishing. A beautiful walkway, on a beautiful river and the city fathers won't let anyone fish off it. Doesn't make sense to me. Thanks. Disgruntled citizen.



Monday --- 10:56 a.m.


This is Barbara and I'm just calling this morning cause I wanted to leave a good joke for the Pyrates---the Milton Blackwater Pyrates. How much did they charge the Pyrate to get his ears pierced? A buck-an-ear.

And next time guys, I hope you have more ducks cause I didn't have the chance to get one this year and normally I buy about four.

Thank you and y'all have a safe and happy fourth of July. Bye.


Monday --- 11:52 a.m.


Calling regarding the log truck that overturned on Hwy 90 at Dogwood. I'm wondering if this truck driver was charged with careless or reckless driving. If he was driving so fast that the logs shifted when he shifted gears, apparently he was driving too fast. And I think he should be charged because there could have been someone hurt very badly. Thank you.