The Santa Rosa County School Board is investigating complaints regarding the state of Chumuckla Elementary School after a letter claimed the building was "toxic."

Joey Harrell, assistant superintendent, says a state-certified, independent contractor was in the building taking samples last week. The samples have been sent to a laboratory for diagnostic testing.

Results of the tests are pending. Depending on when the results return, the issue may be addressed at the July 11, 9 a.m. school board meeting, according to Harrell. He said he suspects the fourth of July holiday may have extended the time it took for results to transpire from the laboratory.

"I figured it would be late," Harrell said. "I'm not really expecting any information until after the holiday."

The matter was looked into after a letter was sent to the school board, stating allegations of teacher and student sickness. The letter also addressed two teachers at the school that had children with birth defects---one of those children dying.

The school board had Chumuckla Elementary School tested for toxic mold last year after a teacher informed the board of health issues, according to Harrell. A state-certified contractor checked the building and yielded no signs of toxic mold.

The portion of the school in question was built in 1922. Rotting window sills were found and replaced by maintenance staff as a result of the mold inspection. The windows were rotting because of age issues, according to Harrell.

Harrell said the school board would be proactive to the complaints and approach the situation in a logical manner. He said the school board would wait until results to come back from the lab before taking any additional direction.

The school board official said there have been no more complaints lodged, thus far, against Chumuckla Elementary or any other schools in the district.

"The folks up there in Chumuckla see we're responding," Harrell said. "They see that we're looking into it seriously."