Santa Rosa Sheriff's Officials and Santa Rosa Animal Services spent most of the day at a home located at 4062 Bettain Ave., Milton.

Armed with a search warrant for the home, also known as Kirkham Kattery Rescue, Inc. Shelter Exchange, deputies were looking for animals neglected and sick animals.

While Sheriff's officials say there were 214 cats in the home in varying conditions of health, the home is listed as a rescue for cats and dogs. The group's website provides 501(c)(3) information along with their tax exempt status.

The warrant charges violation of animal cruelty, neglect leading to illness, contagious infections, and the illegal sale and transfer of prescription drugs.

Two people were handcuffed and taken to jail on warrants around 7:30 Monday evening.

Santa Rosa County Animal Services officials said late Monday the cats have been taken to the Shelter in Milton. They will be evaluated by a vet who will help determine the health of each animal. It is believed that most of the cats are suffering from serious ailments and may have to be euthanized, but officials cannot say for sure until the animals are examined.

Additional details will be posted as they become available.