Tuesday - 6:58 a.m.


Yes, I would like for actors and actresses in Hollywood to butt out of politics. For some people, some people with little information who don't do much reading or anything other than watching a movie and all listening to some actor.


Some people need someone to look up to. And that's you they look up to, but think about it on guns. They act, and we live. These actors are all protesting your right to have a gun. They've made fortunes on violence, movies and music. In the movies, if it's a good movie, it was to inspire the people. If it's a bad movie, a very violent movie, it's just make-believe.


They have body guards that protect them. But they want to deny you the right to protect yourself because you can't hire somebody to walk around you with a gun stuck behind their jackets and in their boots. And they're making these movies, shooting you in the face one minute with a machine gun, and then denying you the right to have any type of gun you think you need..


People, you need to read, you need to understand what's going on. These actors don't know anymore than you do. They're just vocal because they're out there and you know who they are.


Do not be inspired by these people. They make their lives on violence. Please, think about what you're doing to your children. Do not subject them to these movies or this music. Put your foot down and be an adult. You're not their friend. You're raising them to be a future adult. Get a backbone.  Thank you.


Wednesday - 2:35 p.m.


Yeah, this is Charles and I would just like congratulate the state of Florida on the Avalon Boulevard project. I've done my calculations, and as slow as they are about rebuilding these bridges, I think the total time is going to be eleven-teen years. Yup, eleven-teen years to do this project. So I just want to congratulate the state. Thank you.


Wednesday --- 2:48 p.m.


Yes, this is Marie in Milton. I've seen quite a few cars with no back-up lights on their trailers. No headlights on that are working at the time that it's supposed to. I feel they need they need to have it inspected and everything. They should someone there to say "okay your headlights work, your tail lights work and all this other stuff." So, this is pretty silly since they stopped that inspection thing a long time ago. Okay, thank you very much.