Wednesday - 10:24 a.m.


Yeah, this is John. Why would service 21 from the Pace Fire Department be parking in a handicapped section? They got handicapped people driving the trucks now? Out at Grocery Outlet---I don't understand that one. If you're handicapped, shouldn't you be at home?


Wednesday 11:21 a.m.


Yes, this is DeMary. In Wednesday's Press Gazette, she was wondering about the Munson School being closed, and why it was closed. Why it's not being used.


All she has to do is go to the Santa Rosa County Courthouse, get a copy of the original deed from that school, from the trustees of that school, from the heirs of that school and she will find out why the school is not being used.


There are certain stipulations that go along with it being open. And Benny Russell knew this when he closed it years ago. So, the question is why did Benny Russell close the school knowing it had to be used a certain way. Thank you.