Iraq going down the drain. You bet

Reported, and not refuted, the week of June third China Getting 50% of Iraqi Oil, more deaths

last year since 2008

Pull up 1-14-12 letter "Predictions for Iraq."

This after some 4500 of US Lives, 30,000 Plus maimed, some 100,000 U.S. Military coming back

with Brain Damage, 100,000 Civilian deaths, one to two trillion U.S. taxpayers' dollars all in a

unconstitutional military action. No Declaration of War by Congress.

Ten Years ago starting in December of 2012 I put on local radio there were no weapons of Mass

Destruction, No connection to AI-Qaeda, No connection to 9-11 by Iraq. Because of this I was

banned from calling into the radio programs in March of 2013. Others were cut-off,


During the same period a friend sketched me an outline of Iraq with only the Tigris and

EuphratesRiver and Baghdad marked.

A line was drawn to the North from Baghdad in the middle of the two rivers. Another line from

Baghdadto the West and the East with 22% of land East the area to the West was for Sunnis, to

the East Kurds, the 46% to the South was for Shiites.

All oil was collected by a Neutral body and divided equally by population to all 3 areas. This

plan was sent to then Senator Biden and he proposed it.

Would the plan have worried, you bet

Blame Bush and all in Congress. What Now?