We live in a time when many are forced to compromise. Shame, shame!


Regarding the brouhaha about churches withdrawing support from boy scouts.


Consider this. Churches know that very often instead of some believers bringing non-believers to their level, the reverse happens. Non-believers sometimes succeed in believers doubting their faith, bringing them down to non-believer level.


This happens because most church members, in church forever, don't know or practice who they are in Christ!


It's conceivable you boy scout believers don't know as well. That's why. I think churches made decisions. Don't be too hard on those churches.


True believers realize in and of themselves that are nothing, not worthy to be saved, but praise God, they learned in Christ they are somebody, bold and operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, Hallelujah!


I reiterate God loves everyone, homosexuals too, but hates their sin no different from ours. Sin is sin!


A cartoon in an area paper stated: "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world...except gay boy scouts." Not true!


By the way, our wayward President this month is celebrating LGBT in the White House, using tax dollars for 4 or 5 years, an abomination! I call it another scandal!


If preachers would dwell on the second coming of Jesus Christ and some Bible prophecies frequently, we would have a God-fearing America instead of a compromising one!


God bless us all as only he can.