The fun stopped when fists started flying on the river.

A lazy afternoon on Coldwater Creek turned violent earlier this week when 15 to 20 people started brawling, according to Lt. Leland Butcher of the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office.

The young adults involved in the commotion were fueled by alcohol and bravado, according to Butcher. Fish and Wildlife Officers transported individuals back to shore by boat. Santa Rosa Sheriff's Officers sorted out the incident, taking the ruffians into custody at the bridge by Bob's Canoes on Munson Highway.

No arrests were made, however, as a result of the mayhem. Butcher said deputies attempted to locate the main suspect of the fight, but were unable, because he ran off into the woods.

Multiple ambulances were requested by Fish and Wildlife Officers, due to the sheer number of individuals involved in the melee, according to Lifeguard Ambulance Service Regional Executive Jason Kimbrell.

There was a multitude of injuries stemming from the violence. Victims were treated on scene, according to Kimbrell.

"There were some cases that had significant injuries that did not want to go to the hospital," Kimbrell said. "You could have an arm amputated and refuse transport to the hospital."