Two teenagers are facing arrest after having sex, naked, on the ground at Russell Harbor Landing. That is what reports filed at Milton Police say following an incident last week.

Pastor Shane Tucker of Journey Church, and his wife, Heather, say they were leaving the popular waterfront park following a baptism with a new member of his church.

Behind a gazebo, opposite the water, Tucker says he saw two naked bodies "wrapped up with each other", according to the report. Tucker says he and his wife were concerned, not knowing if they had witnessed a rape, and turned around, going back to the gazebo to investigate.

Once there, Tucker says it was very clear the couple was having sexual intercourse. He says he blew his horn and the pair separated. Tucker says his four children, ages 10, 8, 7, and 4 were in his van at the time, but did not see what was happening. "My children are very obedient," he says. "I told them to look at the water, and they did."

Heather Tucker told Milton Police after her husband blew the horn, the couple got up, put their bathing suits on and ran away. She says they drove to the area where the couple had run and found a group of young people. She says she and her husband began taking photos of the car parked near the group, to document the tag number, and of the group.  It was at that point, she says, some members of the group approached the vehicle and began yelling obscenities at her. One member of the group stepped in front of the vehicle, blocking their path, according to Shane, who took a photo of the man. Shane says, "He sprinted to get in front of the van. I had to slam on my brakes. They thought we were taking pictures because they were drinking. One of them said, 'You can't take pictures of me, I'm 21.'"

The Tuckers called the police, who arrived a few moments later. He says he instructed his kids to look down at their books. Heather later told police she wasn't sure if the children heard the vulgar language used by the men who approached the van.

Shane says members of the group tried to get in their vehicles and leave seconds before police arrived, but were inadvertently blocked by another member of their group backing out in a truck. When police arrived, the Tuckers were interviewed within earshot of the couple accused of having sex in the park. Reports indicate the female and the male spontaneously denied having intercourse and said they were not totally naked.

The couple, who remains unnamed to protect the identity of the female who is 16, according to police, are the subject of two warrants that have been sought, charging exposure of sexual organs in public.  The male is reportedly 19 years-of-age.

Police say they called the girl's father to come to the scene because the girl had ingested alcohol. Upon her father's arrival, reports say she admitted to him she did have sex with the male behind the gazebo.

Shane says, "I honestly didn't know...I couldn't figure out if he was raping her. After we honked the horn and they separated, the couple sat at one of the picnic tables, talking, probably trying to figure out what to do.

"It was shocking to see that at the park. I know kids party, but they usually take it out of sight, to the woods. He's 19 and he's got a 16-year-old girl rolling around in the dirt and grass. It was all over them. It was disgusting."

Shane was complimentary of Milton Police. "The officer who responded to the call was very professional and handled a big mess in an effective manner."

He says his family enjoys Santa Rosa parks all the time. He says he's lived here most of his life and he's never seen anything like that.

"I hope this incident does not represent a larger problem, but instead marks the end of one."

"My wife, children and I left unharmed, but a bit sickened by the experience."