Santa Rosa School Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick says King Middle School Teacher Robert "Todd" Crutchfield will be put on immediate suspension following his weekend arrest.

Crutchfield is accused of soliciting a 14-year-old former student over a computer and cell phone, then driving to meet her for "illegal acts".

The teen told investigators she received a friend request from Crutchfield on Facebook and at first, hesitated to accept it. Then she realized it was from her former teacher, so she accepted and instant messaging on Facebook began between the two. The conversation soon switched to cellphone texting. That is when the girl became concerned about the tone the conversation was taking, according to sheriffs reports.

At that point, officials say, she notified a probation officer/friend who took over the conversations with the 42-year-old teacher and contacted the Sheriff's Office. Over the period of a couple of days, Crutchfield continued his conversation with a sheriff's supervisor, then with an FDLE agent. He was eventually arrested at the restrooms of the Floridatown Park where FDLE and Sheriff's officials awaited his arrival, reports say. Crutchfield thought he was there to engage in illegal activities with the 14-year-old, according to arrest reports. He was arrested at the park in Pace.

Santa Rosa School officials say they were made aware one of their teachers had been arrested.

"The Sheriff's Office notified us over the weekend of the investigation and impending arrest," Wyrosdick says. "He will have no contact with students or school facilities effecitive immediately," Wyrosdick says, noting the school system is on summer break and Crutchfield would not have had contact anyway.

Wyrosdick say on the 27th of June, he will be taking the arrest of Crutchfield to the school board, recommending immediate termination of his teaching contract for next year - pending the outcome of the investigation. If Crutchfield is tried and found not guilty, he would be allowed to come back to work. "Any subsequent charges would be paramount to us."

Wyrosdick points out, "There was no indication Mr. Crutchfield illustrated this kind of behavior in school leading to this behavior out of school.

"We didn't do this. As his employer, I take no responsibility for his actions, He went through every kind of background, screening, review that every employee does. It is a tough process."

Crutchfield is currently being held on $1,000,000 bond at the Santa Rosa County Jail, charged with three counts of obscene communication - using an electronic device to lure a juvenile for illegal activity; and one count obscene communication - traveling to meet after using computer to lure child. He is being held on $1,000,000 bond.

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