Whether we are making that daily commute to work or the occasional leisure drive, we pass by it every time we drive to Pensacola.

The Simpson River Fishing Pier is one of the few places people can enjoy their afternoon without having to spend all of their gas.

The fishing pier is located on Hwy 90 westbound just a few miles past Woodbine Rd. It also has a pavilion, 3 picnic tables, portable restrooms and parking. The pier is a haven for nature enthusiasts, fisherman, and families.

Phil Scafe, 49 was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer two years ago. Scafe comes out to kayak on the river to get the daily exercise his doctor recommends. Scafe says he can't walk much so he prefers to kayak. For Scafe, kayaking is a therapeutic exercise.

"It's exhilarating," Scafe said. "Really peaceful."

The pier is a family oriented place as well. Many families come to let their kids play while other families fish together. John Davis, 44 lives in Pace and says that this is his first time visiting the pier. He brings his wife and son and really likes that the pier is so close to home.

"I wish they would build more of them," Davis said.

Tina Davis, 41 and her son Justin Davis, 16, really like the work that has be done. They are both grateful that there are comfortable places to sit while they fish.

"We will definitely be coming here more," Mrs. Davis said.

Haley, who proudly proclaims that she is 6 and a half, runs around the pier with her Grandma catching minoes. As the sun sets Haley knows that it will be time to leave soon. Haley can barely contain her excitement as she makes sure to let her grandma know how much fun she is having.

"This is so much fun, I really want to do this again," said Haley.