One massage business became the focus of an investigation after detectives took an inside look at their operation, landing one woman in jail for prostitution, according the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office.

An undercover investigator entered the Zehn Spa located in the 3000 block of Gulf Breeze on Tuesday, after the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office received information about illicit sexual activity occurring at the establishment.

Reports say the plain clothes officer approached the owner of the spa, later identified as Weizhen Qiu, and asked for a massage. Qui responded, saying it would be $70. The 44-year-old woman then pointed at his genitals, offering to "take care of him" for an additional $50.

At that point, deputies stormed the spa to make the arrest. During an investigation, Qui admitted to having sexually activity in the past with other customers. She was taken into custody and transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail.

Deputy Rich Aloy says the arrest made an impression on the Zehn Spa.

"They packed up business and they are gone," Aloy said. "We were going after the main suspect that led to the apprehension."