This report represents some events the Northwest Region of the FWC handled Sept. 14 - Sept. 20; however, it does not include all actions taken by the Division of Law Enforcement.


After attending a meeting in the Blackwater Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Major Bruce Cooper was on patrol working in the north end of the county in the management area when he observed two dogs chasing a doe and a fawn. Major Cooper caught one of the dogs, obtained the owner’s information from the collar, and turned the information over to Officer Royce Johnson. Officer Johnson located the dog owner’s residence and hunting camp and inspected one of several dog pens at the camp. There was evidence in one enclosure where a dog may have pushed its way through the wire pen. A camp member told Officer Johnson one of the dogs routinely stays in the yard and will not leave unless another dog gets out and “gets on a deer.” The member said he had been spreading dirt in and around the dog pens, but was not aware the dogs had escaped. Officer Johnson issued a written warning to the dog owner for allowing dogs to pursue game during closed season.


Officers James and Pete Rockwell were on water patrol in Boggy Bayou when they observed a fishing vessel returning to the boat ramp. The officers conducted a stop to check the safety equipment and verified the vessel occupants had been recreationally fishing. A fisheries inspection revealed the subjects in possession of six undersized spotted sea trout. Officer Pete Rockwell asked the captain if he knew the size limit for the fish. He replied, “14 inches.” Both subjects were cited for possession of undersized spotted sea trout. The legal length for spotted sea trout is 15–20 inches with one fish over 20 inches allowed per fisherman.