Santa Rosa County DUI and felony arrests


May 30, 2013


Chambless, Travis Blake, 22, Mary Dr. Gulf Breeze; burglary; felony larceny; 20 cts misd larceny; 20 cts felony forgery; and 20 felony cts fraud;

Fowler, Kyle Matthew, 21, Traci Dr., Milton; 2 cts fraud; larceny; 2 cts dealing in stolen property; and vehicle theft;

Howard, Edna Maria, 23, Gary Cir, Pensacola; 2 cts larceny;

Qualls, Jonathan Scott, 24, Melrose Dr, Milton; 2 cts larceny; 2 cts dealing in stolen property;

Ross, Julie Ann, 39, Onich Dr, Navarre; DUI; child neglect without great bodily harm;

Stacey, Emmamae Marchelle, 38, Kern St., Pace; vehicle theft;

Thomas, Steffan Jarel, 25, Briarwood Dr., Pensacola; escape;

Wrisper, Nebuchadrez Nicholante, 44, Pahokee Cir., Pahokee, FL; battery on officer/firefighter/emt;

Bridges, Brandon Michael, 19, Woodville Rd., Milton, FL; lewd, lascivious offense victim age 12 to 16;

Garrett-Wheeler, Portia Yvette, 26, W Michigan Ave., Pensacola; aggrav battery - offender should have known or knew victim is pregnant; and resisting office w/o violence;


May 31 to June 2, 2013


Ashby, Sara Elizabeth, 31, Kendricks Rd., Milton; hit and run; DUI and property damage; driving while lic susp 1st offense; possession barbituate with intent to purchase schedule II, III, or IV;

Barnes, Ian McKanzie, 18, homeless; vehicle theft;

Boyington, Sr., Carl Alan, 52, Angle Parkway, Pensacola; vehicle theft;

Hughes, Barry James, 47, Tidal Bay Dr., Milton; VOP felony;

Jordan, Steven Duane, 34, Molina St., Navarre; battery; burglary; vehicle theft;

O'kelley, Rachel Nicole, 27, Locust St., Milton; failure to appear; VOP felony;

Walston, Charlott Melissa Jane, 32, Country Mill Rd., Jay, larceny; larceny of a firearm; dealing in stolen property;

Stefan, Michael Anthony, 22, Rosewood Dr., Mary Esther; burglary; larceny; and fraud;

Crump, Janice Boston, 58, Windsor Place, Gulf Breeze; fraud;

Greene, Candice Michelle, 30, Pinto Av., Milton; larceny - lost or delivered by mistake credit card; fraud - illegal use of credit card, felony; fraud, illegal use of credit card - misd;

Tregoning, Timothy Daniel, 23, N "S" Street, Pensacola; vehicle theft;


June 3, 2013


Burgin, Kendall Leigh, 19, Gardenia Av., Milton; poss drugs - controlled sub w/o prescription;

Dupre, Jamie Ryan, 24, Briza Del Mar Dr., Navarre; poss drugs - controlled sub w/o prescription; and drug equip possession and/or use;

McCabe, William Richard, 48, Eva St., Milton; VOP felony;

McMahon, William Charles, 21, Gardenia Av., Milton; poss drugs - controlled sub w/o prescription;

Sagraves, Elizabeth Joy, 45, Navarre Pkwy, Navarre; VOP felony;

Wallnofer, Jacob Matthews, 23, Quintette Rd., Pace; poss drugs drugs - controlled sub w/o prescription;

Franz, Melida Ann, 31, Harvard Dr., Gulf Breeze; fraud;

Kliesch, Damien Glenn, 22, Congress St., Gulf Breeze; VOP felony;



June 4, 2013


Chapman, Kenny Ray, 19, East Lake Rd., Milton; VOP felony;

Edwards, Courtney Marshall, 42, Mecca Dr., Sarasota, FL; VOP felony;

Licharowicz, Gail, 46, Chestnut Av., Pace; VOP felony;

Marcus, Alexander Charles, 21, Chureb Cir., Milton; burglary; 3 cts. grand theft of firearm;

Papetti, John Joseph, 33, homeless; VOP felony;

Peterson, Nicholia Labrokke, 30, Zarragossa St., Pensacola; VOP felony;

Wells, Ronald John, 42, Toledo St., Navarre; dealing in stolen property;

White, Dylan Michael, 18, Nebraska St., St Louis, MO; public order crimes - commit 2nd degree felony wearing mask or hood; robbery with weapon;

Anderson, Colin Ray, 15, Alfred Blvd., Navarre; vehicle theft;

Carter, Dakota Lee, 14, Oak St., Milton; larceny;

Carter, Jesse Delee, 13, Oak St., Milton; larceny;

Edge, V, John Elijah, 44, Thoroughbred Dr., Milton; VOP felony;


June 5, 2013


Greene, Michael Robert, 66, Fairpoint Dr., Gulf Breeze; battery on officer, firefighter, emt, etc; resisting officer with violence;

Jackson, Jonathan Brice Estrada St., Navarre; synth narcotic possession wit sell mfg or del schedule I or II;

Jackson III, Noah nmn, 43, Raiford State Prison, FL; 4 cts battery on detention staff; resisting officer with violence; obstructing police - deprive of means of protection of communication;

Kelly, Christopher Andrew, 38, Desoto St., Pensacola; VOP felony;

Reutcke, John Theodore, 58; Sherington Way; Mobile, AL; fraud/swindle defraud healthcare provider rec goods or services; fraud impersonate use personal ID of deceased; forgery obtain controlled substance by;

Stephens, Nathan Garret, 33, Oak Ln., Milton; VOP felony;

Waldrop, Harold Lamar, 43, Skipper Ln., Pace; DWLS first offense; possession drugs; poss marijuana;

Wheeler, Amanda Gail, 29, Anderson St., Crestview; failure to appear;

Milton, Thomas Bradford, 30, Timber Creek Dr., Pace; out-of-state fugitive;


June 6, 2013


Streety, Da'Shon, 15, Magnolia St, Milton; larceny;

Butler, Latonia Marie, 42, Frontera Cir; Pensacola; VOP felony;

Dannelley, Justin Eugene, 31, Main St., Canfield, OH; sex offender violation - fail to comply with registration law;

Driskell, Shawn Lorraine, 49, Mangrove St., Milton; probation violation - felony;

Hardick, April Denise, 33, Buddy Hardy Rd., Milton; VOP felony;

Hershkowitz, Richard Aaron, 34, Tiger Ln., Gulf Breeze; failure to appear;

Malcolm, Andre Joel, 47, Kirk St., Pensacola; produce methamphetamine; drugs possess listed chemical;

Sheldon III, George Dennis, 24, State Ct., Gulf Breeze; VOP felony;

Velaski, Brandy Marie, 34, no address given; DUI, possess controlled subs; marijuana poss; drug equipment possession or use;

Johnson, Airisoton Rawshawn, 24, Miller Rd., Milton, FL; VOP felony;






Langham, Jennifer Ward, 43, Brownsdale Lope Rd., Jay; DUI;

Ogle, Kevin Lawrence, 42, Calhoun Ave., Destin; DUI;

Esch, Crystal Ann, 36, Villa Woods Cir; Gulf Breeze; DUI;

Stringer, David Earl, 27, Esplanade St., Navarre; DUI;

Ashby, Sara Elizabeth, 31, Kendricks Rd., Milton; hit and run; DUI;

Ross, Julie Ann, 39, Onich Dr, Navarre; DUI;

McCorkle, Amber Elizabeth, 23, 1693 Windpointe Cove, Gulf Breeze; DUI;

Cummings, Hailee Marie, 22, Bobe St., Pensacola; DUI;

Velaski, Brandy Marie, 34, no address given; DUI;

Neville, Hayley Amanda, 22, Poulton, Ft. Walton; DUI;

Lane, Stephanie Marie, 23, Fernandina Dr., Navarre; DUI;