Santa Rosa County is a unique place.

Within a span of roughly 50 miles you can travel from some of the most productive cotton and peanut fields to the sugary white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. In between, miles and miles of some near-pristine rivers.

Very few places across the United States can offer so much diversity and enjoyment.

Hence the creation, roughly 10 years ago, of the Santa Rosa Beaches to Woodlands Tour.

When the event first started it was welcomed with great fanfare and celebration. Signs were erected along the the roads indicating the Beaches to Woodlands Trail.

Over the course of time some events has remained – the Jay Peanut Festival, Munson Heritage Days, the St. Rose of Lima
International Festival, and Depot Days to name a few. Other events have joined the mix - the Haystackular, Thinkin’ Pink, the Corn Maze, and much more.

One thing can be said with everything that is planned over the next four or so weeks: there’s plenty to see and do in Santa Rosa County.

Events like the Milton Heritage Tour (with stops planned at the Arcadia Mill Site, Imogene Theater, West Florida Railroad Museum, and the Historical Village of Bagdad); Artfest at the Santa Rosa County Auditorium; as well as many month-long celebrations at

Adventures Unlimited, the Zoo, and other spots will offer residents so much.

You will definitely have an amazing month full of activities when you take part in these special festivals.

Newbies to the county quickly warm up and jump right in like they have lived here for decades.

That’s what makes the Beaches to Woodlands Tour so special and magical.

It doesn't matter if you go to a rodeo, a festival, an art show, an event on the beach, or just take a stroll in the woodlands, a great time will be had.

It’s Santa Rosa’s time to shine and we do it quite well as we welcome the locals (and visitors) to our long, long list of events. We might mention, the weather usually turns pretty perfect during all of this.

Get out and look around. Find something that appeals to you and make plans to attend.

Throughout October, there will be plenty of good times – from the Beaches to the Woodlands!