Next weekend, Sept. 28 - 30, Navarre Beach will be filled with artist building sand sculptures in the third annual Sand Sculpting Festival. This is will mark the inaugural Soft Pack National Championship, which will be held in conjunction with the festival that features 10 of the world's top soft sand sculptors. Competing along side the professionals will be amateur team who will compete for prizes on Sept. 30. This years sculptors include Bill and Marianne Knight, Andy Hancock, Jon Woodworth, Rusty Croft, Suzanne Altamare, Greg Grady, Steve Topazio, Fred Mallett, and Melineige Beauregard. Many of the sculptors who will be competing in the festival are veterans of the Travel Channel's series "Sand Masters" and "Sand Wars" hosted by Croft. In 2011 Croft took first place with his sculpture of an octopus and under the sea motif. For more information got to www. More photos from last year's event can be found online at