Reflect on what?

I am writing in response to your editorial on Wednesday, Sept. 19 (A Week to Reflect)
Reflect on what?.”
“…(we must) understand the pictures we are shown on the evening news are not always the whole story.” So What? Does anyone really believe every thing they read or see in today’s biased, slanted “news?”
Does this statement mean we are to ignore the whole murderous event because we are not “always shown the whole story?”
The writer says there are good and bad in every religion and country. So What? That has absolutely nothing to do with Americans being murdered!
The editorial must have been written by an Islamic adherent, or, by someone who is totally ignorant of the religion and/or the politics of it all.
If anyone believes those murders were about the “movie,” they must also believe in the tooth fairy!
I am outraged that the Press Gazette would editorialize with a piece that sounds like an apology to the radicals.

Bill Bledsoe
Milton, Fla.

Thanks Press Gazette

I have enjoyed reading your articles highlighting local businesses, especially the Milton Quality Bakery. For years that business has supported community fundraising efforts.
I miss buying eclairs, a no-no, for my good friend Ida Rutledge. We are both diabetics.
Thanks to The Ridge for showing two excellent films, a must see for all.
The Last Ounce of Courage, about a gutsy mayor who takes a heroic stand as he sees freedoms eroding.
2016 - Obama's America is a must see as well. Thanks for your article on the film.
God bless you all as only He can.

Chrys Holley
Milton, Fla.