Banfield Lawn Care and Landscaping makes a new addition to the Pace area: the Banfield Garden Center. Celebrating its grand opening today just off highway 90 on West Spencer Field Road, the Banfield Garden Center is just in time for spring.

To say Banfield Lawn care and Landscaping has been a thriving business would be an understatement. With the superior management and staff Banfield's is packing, Banfield Garden Center will have no option but success.

Kelly Banfield, owner and operator of Banfield Lawn Care and Landscaping, has been known to set high goals for his business. When talking to Kelly, you will notice an air of confidence. No goal is unreachable for him. What makes this true is his complete commitment to this idea. Kelly hits a goal then immediately raises the bar for his business, which means the best garden center in town for his customers.

This is particularly due to the variety of products Banfield's has to offer. Kelly Banfield gives his customers a great selection of thirty to forty different kinds of grasses, herbs and pepper plants, trees, roses, tropicals and more - in many variations from all over the world.

Now all of these products are available for purchase in the garden center.  Shop around through the mass varieties to find the fit for you and your landscaping plan. Kelly and his staff are knowledgeable and will be more than happy to tell you all about any and every product. In telling you about the product you will notice a passion from the staff truly unmatched.

As you approach the garden center you will notice a few plants, maybe some trees and gazebo like structure. As you make it through the gate is when you will see the army of plants facing you. Beautifully laid out, Kelly Banfield cut no corners when designing and building this picturesque garden center. 

When asking Kelly what he expects at his grand opening he confidently replies, "I expect to sell a majority of the products that you see here".  This is a high goal for anyone, but not unreachable for Banfield's garden center.