Wednesday, March 20

Hello this is Ian.

I'd like to know who put the nice billboard up there to let us know how many taxes we have to pay on different things.

And it takes a big billboard to let us know how many taxes we have to pay in the state of Florida and it's a bunch of them.

I thought we didn't get a lot of taxes in Florida.

Thursday, March 21

Yes, I know a lot of people have been calling about the ridiculous amount of time it has taken them to finish this Avalon Boulevard project and I just found out about something that really shows how long it's taken.

I've just been told that the crane that's working on the bridge closest to the interstate has an osprey nest built in the top of it. I've also been told that the Audubon Society has been contacted and that they're not allowed to move that crane until the babies have hatched.

So guess what folks? This road is going to take forever it looks like to get it built. Ridiculous. Thank you.

Thursday, March 21

I don't understand why the selection of animals for adoption at the Santa Rosa Animal Shelter is so low. There are only six or seven dogs and like, four cats.

If they have to put down so many animals like they said, then why don't they have more there for people to pick from? And the dogs are all the same kind. There is nothing to choose from unless you like those little yappy dogs. The cats look depressed, but I guess I would be depressed too if I live in a cage.

They should put their animals on Craigslist. They would find homes if they were on Craigslist.