Wednesday, March 13
Yes, this is Maria. I just want to say people that who hurt elderly people because they can not take the singing or screaming or whatever or they probably have Alzheimer's and their sons or whatever can't put them in a nursing home because they can't afford it or they don't want to do it. All these people that do bad stuff to the elderly anywhere in America, well, let their punishment be to go and do work for the elderly in the nursing home. Visit some of these people, don't have family here or they had family and they don't care if anybody sees them. So you do that, OK. Put it in the Press Gazette. Don't give them a beautiful job, they don't deserve it when they don't respect the elderly. Thank you.

Thursday, March 14
I always thought smoke is bad for your health. What can we do to stop controlled burns here in East Milton up here at American Farms. It comes from Eglin. We have sore throats and my grandson has asthma real bad and he can't play outside he has attacks. We had bronchitis real bad for the second time. My husband got so infected he wound up with pneumonia and we just got home after four days in the hospital. Now all the horse and animals are outside suffering. I always thought smoke was bad for your health. We've been to the doctors many times with sore throats, asthma and bronchitis. Is there anything we can do to stop the controlled burns? It burns in our throats and nose and we can't hardly stand it. Can't even go outside to hang wash and hang up clothes when we're out there. It's just terrible to have these controlled burns. We can't stand it anymore. Is anybody else complaining? Please complain to the Gazette I want to hear from you. Ladies from American Farms, please, thank you.