Sunday, March 3

Yes I would like to comment on Betty's remark about the fire tucks. I live three blocks from the Milton fire department. I go by it and Cisco's multiple times a day. I do have a life. What I don't have is more fire taxes to pay for all the fuel and fire trucks to sit by restaurants. I can also read and I know what I read on the fire trucks that I see. I made the first comment on what I seen about the fire trucks that I go by many times a day. So this is my last comment. It's my tax money and other Santa Rosa county tax payers that we don't have. But you know about everything and like I said I am just commenting on what I see so if Betty just comes to town three times a week she seems to know more about stuff in Milton than other people since I go by the fire department and Cisco's a half a dozen times a day. Maybe she needs to get her facts straight and evidently she is kin to a fireman, that's why she jumps out there with information that she don't know nothing about by coming to Milton three times a week. Thank you very much, goodbye.


This is Mary a senior citizen. I'm a frequent traveler on Munson Highway and as I was coming in this morning on the first Blackwater trail crossing I encountered this bicycle rider. He didn't even stop. He just went on across the road. He doesn't read the sign that says stop. I'm afraid somebody is going to get killed. There are big trucks that come along there that can't stop on a dime. Another thing, this is the third time I've called in about the intersection of Newton and Hamilton Bridge. I wish somebody would cut that bush, because you almost have to pull out in Hamilton Bridge to see what's coming from the right side. It's a dangerous intersection. Thank you.

Monday, March 4

Yeah everybody's complaining the cutting of the Blue Angels, the cutting of this, the cutting of that. Why they don't ask the President if they can help him in any way? Maybe that is what it is. Like President Kennedy when he said, see what you can do for your country. You know I think enough is enough. We cannot do it right now.


Hey this is Dennis. Guns have always been available for purchase in America since our nation began, so why the mass murders in the last 15 to 20 years? So what changed? I believe our society has changed. When I was a child it was legal for parents to discipline their children for bad behavior. My dad used a leather belt. He tore my butt up. (not understood) I deserved 99 percent of them. While in school from elementary through high school everyone except the janitor could paddle you for inappropriate behavior. There was immediate consequences for bad behavior. My daughter has refused to discipline her children and they act like a bunch (edited). A lot of these undisciplined children will not understand the consequences of their actions until arrested and they find themselves behind bars.