The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office announced Monday the release of their free Smartphone application, which will keep citizens informed about major events, news, warrants and allow them to easily send crime tips, among several other features.

According to a release, Santa Rosa is the first Sheriff’s Office in the State of Florida to have a Smartphone App. It’s downloadable to any iPhone, Android and iPad device by searching "FLSantaRosaSO."

“Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office prefers to be in the forefront of technology and this is yet another powerful tool in our toolbox”, said Sheriff Wendall Hall. 

Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is active on Facebook. According to a release the Sheriff's office website is being enhanced to allow easier access and delivery of important information and they are also expanding their usage of Twitter.

"We are in an era where information is available in an instant via Social Media. We have the capability to inform the Citizens of our County immediately and directly. Being a traffic accident, fire, road closure or other major event, this information is valuable in today’s fast pace society," the release says.

The App has other features as well. They include Victim Notification, Detention Center Information, Facility Locator and an Agency Directory.