Dorothy Musgrave died last week from injuries incurred in a fire at her home. She was at a burn unit in Mobile at the time of her death. Her husband George was confined to a wheelchair, and died at the scene after calling 911 to report the fire.

Sheriff's reports say George was immobile and trapped in a back bedroom by the fire when he dialed 911. As a dispatcher took the call, talking with him and keeping him on the phone, the line went quiet. Musgrave was found later, unconscious on the floor from apparent smoke inhalation, despite the presence of a ramp located behind the home.

The tragic event brought neighbors out the evening of Feb. 19 in an attempt to help the couple. One neighbor and lifelong friend fought the fire with a garden hose, witnesses say. He reportedly removed George Musgrave from the home before fire officials arrived and tried to go back in for Dorothy, but was stopped by deputies who arrived in the meantime, concerned for the man's safety.

Firefighters from Allentown and Pace arrived a few minutes later and were able to enter the house wearing breathing apparatus Wadkins says. They went into the house to search and found Dorothy, who was brought out of the home by firefighters and was resuscitated at the scene. She was taken by Lifeflight helicopter to a Mobile burn unit, where she died on Feb. 28.

A service was held for the couple on Friday. They were laid to rest, together, at Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery in Chumuckla.