Friday 6:24 a.m.
Hello I'm not going to leave my name because I don't want any retribution from the Sheriff's Office. But I have a complaint about a Deputy Sheriff and I sure hope the sheriff reads the Speak Out line because somebody ought to take this young man (not understood). It's 7:26 in the morning on the first of March and I was going north on Highway 87 past that old truck stop over there. I was going up toward 90 and the deputy driving police car 206 passed me like I... (phone cut off)

Friday 4:32 p.m.
Good afternoon this is Kathy. Is there some reason why the Press Gazette fails to update
the elected officials listed in the paper? I think there has been some replacements to some of these listed in here and this is already two months passed in the new year. Thank you, goodbye.

Friday 5:07 p.m.
Well I think in my opinion the house of the speaker for the president should retire or resign. And McCain should retire completely to go home and rest. He worked too much for his age. And to save money for the tax payers and trips overseas and everything. We can not do a civilian or (not understood)... but I say to the people who don't like the president they should stay out of the way and go an resign and get a job with the pig industry and make new sink holes. Thank you. This is Maria in Milton.

Saturday 3:59 p.m.
Yea this is Bobby. I just read your Our View column in Saturday's paper and it sounds like you got it straight off the Obama talking points. If two percent of the future raise is going to cause all those problems then we're in bad shape. That's like saying your not losing any of your money but your going to lose part of your next raise and it's going to devastate your entire family and everything you owe. I think it's ridiculous. Thank you.

Saturday 10:59 p.m.
Thank you for taking my call. I'm wondering if any of the conservatives noted last week that Clint Eastwood is in Washington with President Obama in regards to the same sex marriage issue again. I really thought both of them were against it - didn't really know for sure. However, the Catholic and Latter Day Saint worked really hard on Proposition 8 or Senate Bill 8 or whatever in California a few years ago to stop this same sex marriage issue. And through their efforts, hard work and money I suppose they were able to terminate the same sex marriage issue. I think that Clint Eastwood may be even the (not understood) on what he's doing. I really don't know, but this is just another problem that comes back again over and over. And let's see if the President federalizes it. It's going to be great to see what happens next with Proposition 8.