Six months? It seems like six years. The constant flow of ink and video. Trump, Trump, Trump. I think we get it. Unfortunately, while Trump is an interesting distraction, real problems are upon us. A national debt that would sink a fleet of battleships, a health care solution that has gotten way off track, worldwide relationships that really need adult attention, a political system that has been spinning out of control long before Trump. But we are all too busy watching the Trumpster and reading his tweets.

Please, will someone take a leadership position on the real issues? Both leaders in Congress are missing in action. Isn’t there a leader in the Senate? The House? Men and women who will stop talking about Trump and get the nation focused on what is really important for our future. And please, will the press stop fighting with Trump long enough to engage the nation in these critical issues?

Well, that rant made me feel better. Let’s talk about the national debt.

It seems that Congress is hoping and praying and waiting for some gigantic economic boom to wash away the red ink. Worked for Bill Clinton. Not going to happen this time. The negative numbers are too big and the demand for more free stuff continues to grow. Democrats want to provide for everyone and the Republicans want to lower taxes so that trickle down will save the day. Not going to happen.

If we could all forget about political dogma for awhile we might fix this thing. We need to take a collective deep breath and prepare ourselves for some strong medicine. We need a plan that pauses new growth of entitlements and raises taxes. Can you hear it? The responses? The Democrats will yell about starving, dying people and the Republicans will scream about lost jobs and less investments.

Well … isn’t that happening now?

We must have a national dialogue about the consequences of this spiraling debt. Smarter people than me must create solutions – bipartisan solutions. Time is not on our side.

Or we could just keep borrowing and printing money, hoping for a miracle.

Rick McAllister, Sandestin