Could a past president really have been wrong on every single thing he did in eight years? And if the man who follows him spends his presidential time tearing out his predecessor’s work and attacking him as his fall guy, isn’t America standing in idle time?

Donald Trump continually relives the election and fights for having the largest crowd ever at his inauguration. He deeply insults the person he ran against and beat! Isn’t this sexism? He has moved to one of his properties on taxpayer dollars every weekend except one since he became president. He says the “disaster called Obamacare is dying” and wants to destroy it! When actually the pharmaceutical companies are pulling out of states because of fear of what is going to happen to them under inconsistent Trump! And he spends hours lying into a camera, lies that have to be figured out – isn’t America standing still while he plays at being president?

Trump is attempting to destroy our free press! After CNN disavowed an article they said was incorrect, Trump falsely said, “CNN was caught red-handed publishing fake news.” He also falsely said that the New York Times is going out of business and then he threatened the owner of the Washington Post! This is real big true news: President threatens the owner of a major newspaper!

How far will this would-be dictator go to destroy America for tons of money from Russian oligarchs for himself, Jared Kushner and families? …

Lockie Gregory, Fort Walton Beach