We must get along with one another

I recently read an article on Yahoo that inspired me to write this letter. A white man name Matt walked outside of a Kroger grocery store with a handful of groceries. Right outside the glass sliding doors, he encountered a teenage black kid who introduced himself as Chauncey. He asked Matt if he could help him carry his bags to the car for a box of donuts because he was hungry. Matt agreed, but he saw something in this young black teenager that made him inquisitive.

Matt then told Chauncey to follow him back into the store, at which time Matt purchased groceries for Chauncey. They filled the bags with pizza, soda, chips, etc. Chauncey informed Matt he had caught the bus to Kroger. He also told him he was a straight-A student, but his mother was sick and they had nothing. Through it all, he kept his grades up.

Matt informed him that he would give him a ride home. When they arrived at Chauncey's residence, Matt was flabbergasted at what he saw when he entered the home. He met Chauncey's mom, a rather frail, bony lady who had some physical discomforts. There were no beds in the house. And when Matt asked to look into the fridge, he saw that it was empty. Tears welled up in his eyes. He knew he had to do something to help this family. He wondered how a kid living in these conditions could maintain an A average.

Some days later, Matt started a Go Fund Me page for Chauncey and his mom. He listed the conditions they were enduring. He also stated that Chauncey wanted a lawnmower to cut grass to make extra money to help his mom. Chauncey told Matt that one day he wanted to own his own business.

Within weeks, the Go Fund Me page had raised over $100,000. Someone also donated a brand new lawnmower to Chauncey. Weeks later, Matt helped Chauncey and his mom move into a brand new house free of mold and with beds. Now Matt and Chauncey are inseparable. They are truly family.

Don't let race, politics and social status divide us. Matt, a white man, made a huge impact on this black kid's life. There is still hope we can live together as one people.

God bless.


Troy Johnson



Bullying is CNN's mantra

As a society, we have to deal with bullies. National attention had been given to this destructive form of behavior. Our schools have instituted policies to deal with bullies. Our courts have gotten involved as well. Bullying has disastrous effects on some children, often leading to suicide. Bullies are a terrible display of truly bad human behavior.

So, what are we subjected to every day by the fake news networks? Bullying, pure and simple. Continuous Nauseating News, otherwise known as CNN, has become a bully of gigantic proportions. Their 24/7 bullying of President Trump, his family, his administration and his followers is disgusting. It is a constant reminder of just how low the moral fiber of the left has sunk. There is no greater form of bullying than what CNN spews constantly.

Is Trump or his family perfect? Of course not. Will they make mistakes? Of course they will. However, the man, unlike Obama and Clinton, is trying his best to make America better than what it was when he came into office. Even the left will benefit if he is successful. Obama and company maimed this country for eight years. Hillary, the unsuccessful presidential candidate, said this on May 8, 2013, when answering a question during the Benghazi hearings about the deaths of four Americans: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" The CNN bullies think so little about the lives and safety of fellow Americans that they did not even comment on Hillary's horrible retort. But Ivanka Trump wears a dress with bows on her sleeves, and a CNN hack laments over it. What a "news" outlet.


Tony Bianca