MILTON — There is a new paranormal investigative team in the gulf coast offering their services to the general public at no charge.

Shadow Chasers, a non-profit and self-financed organization, performs investigations into paranormal activities across the United States. No client ever pays for their services. Sarah White founded the organization and it consists of a seven-member team, each skilled in different ways.


A Florida native, White's background is in singing. She's always had a passion for paranormal activities from childhood.

White organized her team after working with several other over the years. She said after working with these teams she felt they did not hold the true values of what paranormal hunters should be about and decided to form her own team.  

"I started Shadow Chasers fifteen-plus years ago based on my own personal experiences with the spirit world," White said.

White said that while she worked with other teams she saw that they would stage paranormal activities, break client confidentiality contracts, and perform investigations to promote fame which White said is not what Chadow Chasers is about.

The members of the team said they are part of this because of their own personal experiences with paranormal activities.  

Jonathan Reidling joined the team four months ago.

"After my grandfather had passed I saw his presence in the house," Riedling said. "It has always intrigued me and I was kind of scared I guess."

 Austin Williams, who serves as an investigator and clairvoyant for the team says that he became interested in the paranormal at an early age.

"I had my first experience when I was 14," Williams said. "I have a medical condition that caused me to have sort of an out of body experience an ever since that experience I have been able to connect with the spirits. It is emotionally and physically draining but the gift is so wonderful. Spirits use your energy to communicate."

The reality of paranormal investigating

According to their website, all team members are specialists of different groups, religions, cults, cultures and practices.

White said that she wishes to dispense with the idea that paranormal investigators are people who do not hold any Christian religious values.

“We do not worship Satan,” White said. “Lots of people will shy away. We are not calling up demons. Each one of us on the team are faith based.”

White says the main purpose is to help people who are having problems and who do not understand when they encounter a supernatural presence. She said they will go in, show their clients what they do, council them and help give them answers.  

Williams says they're authentic.

“It bothers us when we are compared to Ghostbusters or something like that,” he said.  “We are not staged. We are the real deal.”

Strange occurrence

Williams recalls an occurrence when the team performed an investigation at Murder Creek in Atmore He said he witnessed the team’s camera moving on its own and menu options activating when no one was touching the camera.  

“We were watching the camera doing things on its own when there was no way it could have," he said.  

Upcoming events

According to their website, Shadow Chasers is planning investigations in the Santa Rosa County area. Those include the Imogene Theatre, Arcadia Mill and the Exchange Hotel.  

On July 7 they will be holding a meet-and-greet at Pensacola Vinyl Boutique, 7841 Pine Forest Road in Pensacola.  

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