MILTON — The Riverfront Redevelopment Team discussed their goals for 2018 at their Jan. 11 meeting. They focused on parking and walkability, connectivity and a possible archway.


According to Milton Planning Director Randy Jorgenson, there is a plan in place to bring more connectivity to the city.

“We’re also making an application for inclusion in the West Florida Transportation Planning Organization’s Master Plan for the pedestrians and bicycles circulation system throughout the region for the establishment of a sidewalk from Stewart Street to Broad Street on the south side, which would become a multipurpose trail,” Jorgenson said.

This trail would connect the Blackwater Heritage State Trail to downtown Milton and to the village of Bagdad. According to Jorgenson, the plan costs just around $1 million for three phases of the project.


Rick Paschall said that parking should be a higher-priority discussion within the RRT. Right now, lack of parking is Milton's biggest detriment, he said, but it’s where the city will take away from when they start building new developments, like Blackwater Quarter.

Glen Hill said that walkability is becoming more important in society; although adequate parking is needed for the city, as well as providing sufficient parking for the disabled, walkability is also a priority.

Smith suggested using the parking lot of the Berryhill Administrative Complex for event parking once the school board vacates the building. She said the complex is close enough to the downtown area and the event space, but people don’t know it's there because they don’t see it. Smith suggested adding signage.


Ricky Downs asked to revisit discussion of the possible installation of an archway welcoming people to the city of Milton.

According to Hill, possibilities have been discussed about where to put the archway: South Willing Street by the event space; the intersection at Berryhill Road, Willing Street and Broad Street; the Canal Street entrance on the south side of Milton; or Highway 90.

Although Highway 90 is a possibility, Hill said since it is a federal road, there will be more expectations and requirements. The team also discussed the possibility of adding pillars with flags instead of an arch.

Milton resident George Jordan suggested having two archways, one on each end of town. Peggi Smith said she knew of a local welding shop that may be of assistance.