Editor's Note: This is a response to Kent Bush's guest column, "I’m going to keep being wrong in 2018," which appeared in the Jan. 3, 2018 Press Gazette.

Well Kent, it sounds to me that in your lifetime the one who decided if you were wrong was you and not the readers.

The one item you brought to the readers’ attention is conservatives in Congress, or those of Kansas and Oklahoma, not being able to admit to cutting enough waste to balance the budget or to even balance what is given back to their donors to make a difference.

Funny how you never mention Democrat officials and their donors, as if it never happens.

So, because neither can be done with enough results to justify the attention, neither should have any attention paid to reducing, either.

Personally, I believe both are bad for the people and the people's government. But your logic is to ignore both ’cause the result is less than the intended goal of balancing any budget being just a little skewed.

Using the same logic, if you can't save at least a hundred dollars this month, why save it, just spend it!

Kent, just remember one thing: Two wrongs do not make one right, but being half-right and acting on it gets you halfway to solving the problem, which allows the opportunity to now focus on the remaining problem.

Good luck with 2018; I'm sure you will continue with what you believed in 2017, 2016, 2015... 





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