Dear editor,

Property owners living adjacent to the parcels outlined by Whispering Pines, Pouder Lane (Creetwood Village), Heritage Circle (Creetwoods) and Pine Lilley Court (Whisper Woods) were shocked to learn that the green belt/wetlands behind them may be the future home of not only apartments but [also] a subdivision adjacent to Whispering Pines Estates. 

My question to the commissioners is: Are [real estate agents]/sellers liable for truth/disclosure violations should the commissioners approve these developments or is it a question for the Florida Real Estate Commission and law firms — if approved? 

Homes will depreciate, resulting in lost tax revenue for the county. 

For example, if a two-story apartment complex overlooks your back yard, your property value will drop — but not for tax purposes. Sure, the apartments will bring in tax revenue, but the devaluation of adjacent properties will reduce the top line needed to maintain holding ponds, road improvements and other infrastructure inherited from the developer. Continued loss of funds will increase our property taxes.

Remember, this area is in the East River Water Shed, which feeds East Bay oyster beds and is critical to ecology, endangered species and livelihoods.

Vote no on the entirety of this proposal. 



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