Dear editor, 

It looks to me like 2017 was the first year of the Christian tribulation. It officially began when the sounding of the first Trump-Pence became official in January.

Since then, America has set records for the largest Category 5 hurricane to hit United States homeland in history, the largest flood ever recorded in American history at over 50 inches in Texas, the largest mass murder ever recorded in American history in Nevada, the worst wildfires ever recorded in American history in California, the worst church shooting in American history in Texas, the first recorded terrorist attack in New York City since 9/11, and the worst devastation from another hurricane that wiped out 100 percent of the power in Puerto Rico with severe risk of pollution and disease. 

So far, hundreds of lives have been lost in America and billions of dollars are needed to recover from the physical devastations.

America’s not alone in showing signs of tribulation. Numerous countries have had mass killings, like Egypt recently, and plenty of earthquakes as close as Mexico. Volcanoes are erupting as I write, and the year is not over yet.

Now, in tribulation-thinking, the first year is better than the second year. So, 2018 must have some amazing world surprise events in the offing. Nuclear war? 

As a Christian, are you ready for what this means?

This means you have to take the Bible and Jesus Christ seriously. He wasn’t kidding when He said He was coming back to take His people home. His people, by the way, are ‘the saved’, or those believers who actually know Him and live to follow in His footsteps. (i.e. recognize sin, repent of sin and help lead others to the same behavior).  

You might be noticing that America is rife with sex scandals and infidelities and road rage shootings, among other behaviors.

The country is not heading in a Christian direction, so do your best to get individually prepared for what’s next. 



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