Dear editor,

Again, immediately [following a mass shooting], getting rid of your legally owned gun is the solution — leaving the only guns left in the U.S. in the hands of criminals.

But never mentioning stopping the hate rhetoric coming from the liberal left of politics and politicians. Their supporters can shoot up the GOP Congressional baseball game and the first thing you see from the left is ‘not me, we had nothing to do with it!’

As "Black Lives Matter" — Antifa under another name — [some participants have called] for the shooting deaths of police officers in blue. And the Democrat party — liberal left controlled — endorses them as fine upstanding people of the community.

But they are being bused in as professional protesters and agitators while liberal Democrats are blowing their dog whistles ordering their dogs to attack.

And as the violence surfaces, again, ‘not me, we had nothing to do with it!’

Throughout history, you will find Democrats had ‘nothing to do with anything,’ including the rigged election of Hillary Clinton.

Especially if their efforts were not successful, because they are the party that gets things done, no matter what the outcome!



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