The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office provided these felony arrest reports for Sept. 12-18.

Defendants are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Lucas Scott Beaty, 28, Pace, fleeing police, destroying evidence

Britany Jo-Lana Bolks, 31, Gulf Breeze, child neglect

Rickey James Cashman, 55, Jay, weapon or ammo possession by felon

Melissa Cerullo, 25, Key West, delivering or distributing drugs, drug possession, trafficking drugs

William James Duncan, 51, Milton, larceny

William Thomas Durham, 26, Milton, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, weapon or ammo possession by felon, altering weapon identification, criminal mischief, fleeing police,

Galen Taylor Ellis, 25, Key West, drug distribution, drug possession, drug trafficking

Rebekah Nicole Forakis, 34, Fort Walton Beach, burglary, larceny

Zachary Brian Frick, 32, Milton, marijuana possession, drug possession, opium or derivative trafficking

Jamie Lee Garland, 24, Gulf Breeze, conditional release violation

James Wayne Gray, 40, Moundsville, W.Va., probation violation

Robert Sean Gray, 40, Navarre, probation violation

Christopher James Hamrick, 22, Milton, drug possession

Stephen Welch Harris, 26, Mobile, marijuana possession

Dustin Michael Hearn, 36, Pensacola, moving traffic violation, drug possession

Stephen Michael Huber, 32, Gulf Breeze, larceny

Marcail Lefay Hudson, 39, Milton, burglary

Ximena Lopez Tinoco, 20, Milton, marijuana possession

John Michael McCarthy, 50, Gibsonton, Fla., burglary

William Harold McDaniel, 36, homeless, cocaine possession, smuggling contraband into detention facility

Theodore Mastro Millard, 23, Navarre, destroying evidence

Bobbie Jolene Miller, 30, Pensacola, drug possession

Michael Lee Phillips, 37, Milton, drug possession

Zachery Duane Rachal, 25, Milton, drug possession

Marlon Brendon Regis, 41, Navarre, aggravated battery

Jimmy Forrest Robinson, 21, Pace, conditional release violation

Donald Alonzo Shoen, 43, Milton, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Wesley Jarrad Simmons, 35, Pensacola, fleeing police, moving traffic violation, assault, failure to appear

Nina Marie Stachel, 50, Gulf Breeze, larceny, smuggling contraband into detention facility