MILTON — The Veterans Memorial Foundation is cutting its price to add a name to a sculpture honoring those who have supported service members with letters and care packages.

Sculptor Roxie Platt donated her work but the VMF must pay $18,000 to bronze the statue and add granite slabs below it, according to VMF manager Ralph Nesenson.

There will be room for 384 names, Nesenson said, but he’s only received five so far. His goal is to get at least 100 names. His plan is to hold a dedication for the statue on Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

The life-sized statue features a military service member sitting with his leg propped up on his helmet as he reads letters.

“When somebody yells, ‘Mail call!’ everybody runs,” Platt said. “The letter that he’s reading is every person who ever wrote a letter, and represents anyone who ever sent a care package or put a box of candy in a bucket to send to the soldiers.”

Adding a name to the sculpture once cost $100; now the cost is $50.

Call the VMF at 626-7292 for more information.