Dear editor,

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, instituted in 2012, has provided work permits and deferral from deportation for around 800,000 youths.

That policy allows those youths to go to school, work and contribute to the economy — the American Dream. The number of businesses started by those youths exceeds the national average.

With 91 percent employed, the economic impact of their hard work is expected to contribute nearly $450 billion to gross domestic product.

Now, President Trump and his policy supporters plan to punish them for their hard work. A reported 30,000 would lose their work permits every month. Over 700,000 will eventually be denied the ability to work.

If any of these productive employees are working for you, kiss them and their family goodbye.

This new morality is apparently warmly welcomed by Republican leadership in Florida. Are President Trump and his policy supporters counting on us to bail out the unfortunate human and tax loss?

The truth they “hold to be self-evident” is only those supporters are endowed by the Creator with “inalienable rights” and “are created equal.” 

Those supporters should pay the tax burden and pay for the harm they cause.





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