PACE — A local businessman has returned to his roots and opened a food truck.

Jeff Wright, a father of eight from Pace, has owned Wrighteous Eats for approximately a year, serving various locations in Pensacola. Before returning to the food industry, Wright operated a custom cabinet business in Pensacola for approximately 14 years.

“The cabinet business was kind of dog eat dog,” Wright said. “So I asked myself a couple years ago if I could still do this when I’m 50. I don’t know which is harder, though, to be honest with you — this is pretty tough.”

According to Wright, he has been in the restaurant business since he was 13 years old when he started as a dish washer at a restaurant in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He eventually worked his way up to pastry chef and then, eight years later, head chef when the company changed owners.

According to Wright, the food truck industry has expanded within the last couple years. He proudly displays his Mobile Food Dispensing Unit license on the door, but said that he’s seen many trucks lately that aren’t even licensed.

“I spent three years building this truck,” Wright said. “I did everything in there.”

Wright runs his business with the help of one employee and his wife. Wrighteous Eats changes locations depending on the time and the day. Currently, the truck’s schedule is: the General Electric plant on Mondays for lunch and Mondays and Fridays for dinner, Ellyson Industrial Park on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Navy Federal Credit Union on Fridays for lunch and O’Riley’s Uptown Tavern on Fridays for dinner.

According to Wright, Wrighteous Eats has a Facebook page, but the best advertisement is word of mouth.

“Right now we’re trying to get things organized and get a set schedule and where we are going to be at so when we do start to advertise more, people will know exactly where we’re at,” Wright said. “I’m going to encourage people to text and call and go on our [Facebook page] because we are always changing our schedule until we get something locked in.”

Wrighteous Eats serves a variety of food from burgers, wings and barbeque sandwiches to fish tacos, nachos and shrimp kabobs. All food prices include tax, and they often serve specials that aren’t on the regular menu. Wright said the food truck will begin offering college game day specials on Saturdays.

“If I see a food truck, I’ll usually eat at it, try them and see what they have,” Wright said. “I know there’s a hot dog man right down the road, so I won’t even serve hot dogs because I know he’s been there like 10 years… I try not to step on other people's toes.”

Wrighteous Eats will be participating in the Sept. 9 Food Truck Throwdown Hunger Games at Harley Davidson of Pensacola. Contact Wrighteous Eats at 982-1267, or visit their Facebook page for a menu or schedule of locations.