Dear editor,

What is the definition of "liberal"?

As an adjective it is "open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values."

"Open to new behavior or opinions" sounds perfectly normal until the left of society hijacks it. Black Lives Matters' new behavior, calling for the death of police officers, guilty or not of a crime. Guilty police officers killed, zero; not guilty police officers killed, about twenty and counting!

"Open to opinion" — to have a opinion you must be able to express that opinion. If your opinion isn't theirs, you're not allowed to express it even if you have a permit! Black Lives Matter and the left were allowed to freely march in many cities around our nation without confrontation from any segment of the right and without permits!

Our First Amendment Bill of Rights states we have "the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble." It does not state who is granted these rights other than "the people."

The reason Charlottesville was not a peacefully permitted assembly is the left showed up to deny that same right with the use of violence! Had the left not been there would that assembly of people still been violent? Were the permitted protesters armed because of the left? Why did the police let non-permitted protesters combat with a permitted protest? Was the left's protests peaceful when they burnt Berkley College in California or any other city in America!

Ignoring both extremes takes away their voice. Allowing them to fight on TV for TV ratings offers each an undeserved platform for their morally wrong agendas! Violence and bloodshed is not the answer.

Our Constitution is not a conservative or liberal document. It is a document of required processes for the purpose of a civil governing government of "We the People."

From a political perspective it is a libertarian document which has been violated by both extremes of the political spectrum throughout its history. But the left are more than "willing to discard traditional values" with unconstitutional changes or totally discarding our Constitution and the last six commandments of the Bible so that a few elitist leftists can make all the decisions regarding our nation!

And how does southern California have confederate statues without having a southern democrat racist mentality as mentioned with the 1992 L.A. riots but the now republican south must be racist because of past democrat erected statues?

A possible solution would be putting up plaques on each statue denouncing the morally wrong act of black slavery and the indentured servant system which was the used against the poor white man!

Erect statues for the oppressed of that era, the underground railroad, the stories of the good people that opposed these morally wrong acts with their lives.

Tell the complete story and not just a portion picked out by the offending party.

Our true history will tell a story of its own hijacking; wiping history clean of the evidence only helps to cover it up as it has been!



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