Dear editor,

An Aug. 15 headline reads, “People Need to Stop Hating.” Heather Heyer’s father also said “people need to learn to forgive.” Because he’s a believer in Jesus Christ, he forgave her killer.

I’ve said it before, say again and will as long as God gives me breath. The antidote for the hatred, bigotry, racism and violence rampant today is being “born again,” whereupon God changes hearts (not the anatomical muscle), replacing them with God’s love and forgiving spirits. Until one is “born again” from the inside, the bad and uglies, racism, etc., will always exist.

Sad to say, even some professing Christians can’t or won’t forgive, having missed the message at Calvary, love and forgiveness.

Of the 917 hate groups the Southern Poverty Law Center lists, 63 are in Florida. Even one is too many. How disgusting; shame on them. The 63 [include] 22 black separatist organizations, eight KKK chapters, seven anti-Muslim groups, five neo-Nazi groups, five racist skinhead groups, four neo-Confederate groups, four white nationalist groups, three anti-LGBT groups, three “general hate” groups, one anti-immigration group, and a Holocaust denial book store!

President Donald J. Trump condemned these — yet some are hell bent on destroying and impeaching him.

Shame on them! How disgusting!

Cunning Satan, of course, is behind it all; he’s convinced many he doesn’t exist. He’s real, but a defeated foe! His job is “to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life, more abundant” (John 10:10). When all experience the “new birth,” we’ll have a united nation!

The Holy Bible, Greatest Book ever written, never to be superseded, records history before happening!

All answers are in the Book, if all will only look. An old song says, “They fell everyone . . . America mustn’t be next! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!”

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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