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This is Mary King. It seems to me like people have forgotten that vandalism is a crime. In all these riots, we see people vandalizing, tearing up private and public buildings, tearing up vehicles, burning flags and even people have gotten killed. There are threats against the president. Where is the punishment? Where does the stop? I want to know. How do you to feel about it, Mr. and Mrs. Public? How do you feel that someone could come into your town and literally destroy all of your monuments? Would you like that?



This is Bob Bailey. I have realized in discussions with people that I know, and I'm sure it applies to people I don't know, that whenever I'm referring to Trump, they have a problem of falling back to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is not in the White House, so if she's not going to be in the White House, whatever she has done and whatever has passed, we need to live in the present and think about the future. Trump is in the White House. He is the president. Trump is causing a bunch of issues and turning people against him including Republicans. Your Hillary Clinton hang up, progress to the present and live in the present.



This is Raymond Johns, and I want to say that America is not on the right track by all means at all. Bigotry and the hatred that is being propelled toward its own people, people of color, is just as bad as ISIS to the people that they ridicule. Stupidity and ignorance of bigotry  is a hindrance for America ever becoming a United States. They call it the United States because of other states uniting. We are not a United States by people respecting each other and fellowship as one. It's shameful that grown people still instill hatred in their children and here it is we have a country that's trying to infiltrate the United States to destroy it. I truly believe that it's all because of the hate and the bigotry that exists in America. It comes from the White House to the white sands of Florida, the preachers, the judges, and the lawyers. There are people who try to act like they are for goodness and righteousness but they are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing, unashamed and taking America to hell.

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