The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office provided these felony arrest reports for Aug. 25-28.

Defendants are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

William Donald Barnes, 58, Milton, criminal mischief

Austin Thomas Beahan, 32, Milton, battery, resisting officer, obstructing justice

Spencer Lewis Bethel, 37, Milton, battery

Mathew Eutaw Boner, 19, Milton, manufacturing distributing selling imitation drugs, destroying evidence

Osric Jamar Brown, 39, Milton, moving traffic violation

James Everett Duckett, 36, Milton, moving traffic violation

Kory Gene Hawkinson, 43, Killeen, Texas, drug possession

Stephanie Maxine Herron, 44, homeless, moving traffic violation, drug possession

David Alan Laszlo, 61, Milton, larceny

John Ross Lee, 30, Jay, battery

Bethany Amanda Lutz, 25, no address given, eluding police, manufacturing distributing or selling imitation drugs, destroying evidence

Curtis Alan McCowan, 57, Milton, criminal mischief

Danae Elizabeth Misenheimer, 30, Milton, aggravated battery

Starla Ann Patterson, 27, Jay, battery

Noah Robert Richards, 28, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery

Travis Dean Sesco, 24, Pace, probation violation, battery

Ethan Lane Webb, 27, Navarre, aggravated battery

Jeremy Lamar Wood, 41, Pace, possession of weapon by felon, burglary, larceny