BERRYDALE — A 14-year-old girl competing with a friend over who was the better photographer inadvertently captured what looks like two people kissing in the clouds.

Skylar Pagan, a Jay High School freshman, said she shot the photo because she liked the way the rays of the sun were shooting through the clouds. She didn't see the couple kissing until her parents pointed it out.

The Berrydale girl captured the image at about 5 p.m. Wednesday in her yard.

She said photography is a hobby of hers and that she shot the image with her iPhone 5. Her friends agreed that the image was "pretty and cool," though most of them didn't see the kissing couple either.

Her mom, Jamie Reeder, said they were getting ready to go to church when Skylar ran out to take the picture. After the couple was pointed out, her daughter was happy.

"She said it was inspiring to see with all the bad news going around that you can find love anywhere," Reeder said.