MILTON — City leaders will allow medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits following an Aug. 8 vote.

The topic of medical marijuana has been on the agenda at the last several council meetings. At the July 20 Committee of the Whole meeting, Randy Jorgenson, Milton’s planning director, informed the council that they must make a decision about the presence of dispensaries in the city and its possible impact.

According to Jorgenson, there are provisions within a city ordinance that call for the separation of pharmacies and pain clinics, and other activities defined under Florida statute as a pharmacy.

“We’ve had lots of discussions about the medical marijuana,” Councilwoman Peggi Smith said. “When it first came out, we had a six-month moratorium on it. It’s become that we’re not really allowed to do that. We’re moving on with the state of Florida so we’re going to be in compliance.

“They’ve looked at appropriate placement within the law that exists, and it’s being tweaked every day, but our moratorium will not stand, so we’re moving on to where one might be.”

Councilwoman Sharon Holley said that someone has approached the city with interest in opening a dispensary.

“I know that under state law that we [have to] do this, I understand that,” Holley said. “Just to go on the record, it’s good for the sick people that need it… and children, adults as well, but the one thing, which we can’t do anything about it, but for whatever reason, I just don’t like the idea of it being 500 feet away from a school. But we can’t do [anything about] that; the state sets those laws.”

Heather Lindsay, the city attorney, provided the first reading of the ordinance. The council then voted on accepting the ordinance and allowing the dispensaries within the city of Milton; the item passed with all council members in favor.