Dear editor,

If you mention you are a teacher, a common response is “Well, bless your heart!” Because people understand that teaching is both a difficult and important job.

Teachers are told they should not teach for the money. They are told they should do more with less, while maintaining their enthusiasm.

If Santa Rosa County maintains they do not have the funding for a 2 percent teacher raise, here is a possible solution.

About ten years ago, school administration personnel were required to spend four days a year subbing for teachers, as a cost-saving measure. Even though this measure lasted for only one year, maybe it should be brought back.

Here are some common challenges they may face:

-Classes will have students three years below and three years above grade level.

-Students may have behavioral concerns that disrupt lessons.

-Required paperwork, parent phone calls, planning, etc. may have to be done, unpaid, after school hours.

-Some supplies will be purchased from personal money.

Teachers teach. They are there for the students. They spend countless hours worrying about students, improving lessons, and giving of themselves.

If the [Santa Rosa school board] does not understand this, they are welcome back into the classroom any time.



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