PACE — The Pace Rotary Club recently hosted Dan “Sky Horse” Helms of the Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe. 

Following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Native American cultures across the country became cloaked in secrecy as tribe members assimilated where possible and hid when necessary, the guest speaker said. 

The local tribe is dedicated to reviving Native American heritage by educating the public about the culture, language and history of the Creek Indians in Pace and Floridatown. 

They have acquired 95 acres off Williard Norris Road and will build a 4,000-square-foot cultural center there. The first phase of construction will create a dedicated space for genealogy research and a field trip destination for school children learning about local history. 

In addition, artifacts and historical documents that are currently stored in members’ homes will be publicly displayed. 

Future development plans include a boardwalk along Pond Creek landscaped with native plants and a full-size replica of a Creek Village. 

You can experience Native American culture and history first-hand at the annual PowWow to be held Nov. 19 and 20.  

Visit or the Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc. Facebook page to learn more about Native American history in Santa Rosa County. 

Pace Rotary meets at 7 a.m. Thursdays at Stonebrook Golf Club, 3200 Cobblestone Drive, Pace.