Dear editor, 

Bill Calfee’s comments [on the Santa Rosa courthouse’s new location] seem to make a lot of sense. I know the commissioners feel a need to move on but eliminating the Pine Forest/Avalon/Route 90 [area] from consideration doesn’t make sense.  

Why spend $800,000 to $1 million more dollars for a site that seems to offer a lot less in infrastructure and location?

Granted, at the time of that marginal decision, the availability of land at the Pine Forest/Avalon/Route 90 site wasn’t known but it seems that a little more effort could have clarified the issue, as was done by a private citizen.

I would hope the commissioners would reconsider and include that parcel in the evaluation process. It will be a lot easier for me to vote on a half-cent sales tax at that location.

Another thought: has there been any consideration to having it built and the county lease it? Is that financially feasible? 



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