Dear editor, 

Bill Calfee has hit on something; I can fully support all of his views. Very good article, Bill.

Now, my input is only to get some answers regarding where we had already bought and paid for land across from the current sheriff's office for our courthouse. This property was sold to the state, which now occupies that property with a state prison.

Where did the money go or where was it spent? How much was it sold for? What is the purpose of financing a land purchase with a half-cent sales tax when there should already be money in the county system with that sale of the previously intended courthouse land to the state?

I believe this is nothing but asking for county accountability for taxpayer money! Something these same county commissioners have failed to answer when asked numerous times in their controlled meetings.

Their answer is "move on, there is nothing to see here" or they "are not responsible for past commissioners" but I thought they also took responsibility for the county taxpayers' money, past and present, when sworn into office?

Considering that money should still be in the system, knowing they will need to buy future property, makes this a current issue in regard to every issue surrounding this courthouse.

Personally, I cannot support any action regarding a new courthouse until we have some type of accountability of where this money went!

I refuse to support handing more of the public's money to possibly be misused by the same people who may have already misused it without our knowledge or support!

How much money has already been wasted regarding this subject of a courthouse without our knowledge or support?

If the commissioners want my support we must have accountability to have an honest county government — quit pleading the fifth! 

Steven King 


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