MILTON — Milton is taking steps to reduce speeding traffic on Berryhill Road by installing stop signs where the road intersects Moore Lane. 

“Over the years, we have heard speeding complaints,” Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell said. “We have participated in traffic enforcement details, used radar, parked vehicles. We put cars out with a dummy inside in uniform.”

The speed limit on Berryhill Road near Moore Lane is 25 mph. Ticketing is only a temporary solution, according to Tindell. The MPD will assign cars to monitor the street and ticket speeders, but once the detail is finished drivers go back to speeding after a few weeks, he said.

So far, there haven’t been major accidents on this part of Berryhill Road, according to Tindell, but he doesn’t want to wait for one before taking action. 

“The road is narrow. There’s no sidewalk … I’ve seen groups of kids walking along the side of the road,” he said.

“People use the road as a cut-through. I hope (these signs) reduce speeding and the number of vehicles that travel the road because it is a residential area.”

There will also be a stop sign on Hamilton Bridge Road at Moore Lane, according to Tindell.

The signs and speeding on Berryhill Road will be a topic at the City Council meeting at 5:45 p.m. Aug. 8 at City Hall, 6738 Dixon St., Milton.